About AuRhum

AuRhum consists of three rum enthusiasts who have known each other for years and who really enjoy their hobby. Alexander Vincit, Lindy Andersen and Tommy Andersen Countless hours are used to keep up with what is happening in the space world in both home and abroad. When the apartment offers, we like to meet and talk about various products in the world of space.

Why AuRhum? There are countless manufacturers in the market for rum so why another? With all the manufacturers on the market, there is also incredibly fluctuating quality in the products. Also, not all manufacturers are equally honest in their marketing of these. We believe that as a consumer you deserve the best experience and the best quality. You deserve to know what you have in your glass. If you buy your room from us, you can be sure that it is not filled with either sugar or additives. We believe that good craftsmanship can be tasted. Our goal is to deliver quality at a price where everyone can participate. We do not think that a good bottle of room needs to cost 150€ or 300€ We want to create a series of products and publish special delights. In addition, there is connection to the defense. Alexander & Lindy work there daily and have broadcasts behind them. We want to support our current and former colleagues who have not been as lucky as us. Our goal is therefore that 5% of the company’s profits must be donated to the Veteran work in Denmark.