About Us

AuRhum was founded in 2018 by three rum enthusiasts, Tommy, Lindy and Alexander, who had known each other for years and had found a common interest in rum.

Why AuRhum?

With many rum brands on the market, why another one?

Rum can be found in many shades, from sweet to dry, with or without additives and that makes it a bit of a jungle to know what you actually drinking. And let’s face it, not all brands are equally trustworthy.

AuRhum believes that the consumer deserves the best experience and the best quality and that you can rely on the information given to you, on the bottle and also what the AuRhum team describes. We believe that good craftmanship can be tasted.

Our goal is to deliver quality rum, transparent rum if you will, and at affordable prices.

Lindy and Alexander are closely connected to the Danish Defence, where both work daily and also been sent on different missions. Therefore, AuRhum has a goal to donate some of the profit to support the veterans, colleagues and former colleagues, in the Veteran work of Denmark.

AuRhum Today

AuRhum is today owned by Theis Steen Hansen, who runs a small specialized wine and spirits shop, Water Of Life.

The three founders are still working as consultants for AuRhum to secure selection of quality casks, and basically makes sure that the spirit of AuRhum stays intact, also in the bottle.

On the following pages you see AuRhums currently available rums.

Please contact Theis Steen Hansen for further information.